3 - Lies - Be Free Indeed Podcast


EP3 - Lies 

Join us as we invite Connie to the conversation and learn about what it means to believe in the Lies of our past.


“I have learned that knowing the truth about ourselves and God’s love for us is key to freedom.  Otherwise we are vulnerable to the enemy’s lies, which bring bondage. And learning to let go of those lies has been a harsh lesson, but a worthwhile lesson.”  Connie is a brave woman that chose to accept that it is never too late to allow Jesus to shed light on the lies she had believed throughout her life. As a mother of three and a grandmother of seven, her journey of freedom has opened doors cross generationally and she has been able to share her life from a place of healing.  “With freedom there comes so much joy. You want everybody else to have it. I love to tell people what has happened in my life because I’ve changed. Even my kids say, ‘who are you?’ It’s the best life I’ve ever had.”






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A Guide for Listening and Inner-Healing Prayer:  Meeting God in the Broken Places by Rusty Rustenbach

Dr. Charles H. Kraft

Mountain View Church Restoration Ministry, www.mvc.life/prayer-and-care/

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