2 - Identity - Be Free Indeed Podcast


EP2 - Identity 

Join us as we invite Julianna to the conversation and learn about what it means to have our identity rooted in Christ.


Julianna shares her brave story of being a mother of a special needs child, their home life was chaotic, she was frustrated and didn’t know what do and prayed for God to take it away.  She learned from God that he was not going to take it away, that she needed to ask him for what she needed to get through each day and learn to cover the struggles with love.  That was the beginning of her inner healing journey 9 years ago and now Julianna is a leader in the Restoration Ministry at Mountain Church in San Juan Capistrano, CA.  She has the pleasure of coming along side men and women on their journey and seeing Jesus bring freedom to their lives.  Julianna explains how it is so important when you are finding your identity to know that it’s a process of unveiling those places in your life where you’ve believed lies.  We all have wounds from our past, and we can let the Holy Spirit into those places and heal them with truth, so we exchange lies for truth, and through that we learn what our true identity is.  And identity is essential in walking in freedom in Christ.






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