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Join us on this journey as we share with you how we have come to experience true freedom from anxiety and depression. 


In this first official podcast episode, the founder of Be Free Indeed, Christa Kelso, bravely accounts the decades of anxiety and depression that kept her in bondage and the darkness that almost took her life.  After surviving a suicide attempt in 2013, Christa has answered the call to action by sharing her story of hope and the message that true healing can be found.  The Director of Be Free Indeed, Andrea Lundeen, joins Christa in discussing the importance of reducing the stigma in mental health and the awareness that mental illness does not discriminate.  There is no shame in battling anxiety and depression.  Your feelings and symptoms are not who you are.  You are not alone.  We are doing this because we’ve been there and we want to be there with you.  We also want to support and educate family members of those that are struggling.  We still have days when we don’t feel well, but we know it won’t last and that anxiety and depression don’t own us anymore.  We have experienced freedom.  You too can be free from anxiety and depression.  Will you join us? 






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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline