Be Free Indeed provides a safe community for people to feel accepted and not judged, to be encouraged to come out of isolation, to learn about identity in Christ and the truth that depression and anxiety do not define a person.  

Be Free Indeed has a women’s program, known as “Gals Like Us”, that has been growing since it began in February 2017 in San Juan Capistrano, California.  It offers a weekly fellowship group that focuses on basic inner healing principals and learning Christ-centered tools for the journey of gaining freedom from anxiety and depression.  If you are a woman looking for a safe place to heal, we welcome you to join us on Tuesday nights in San Juan Capistrano.  Please fill out the group sign-up form.


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We accept donations for GALS LIKE US (suggested amount is $25) if you choose to help support the expenses of the ministry.


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Be Free Indeed is in the process of developing new groups to offer to men, couples, family support, teens and young adults.  We would like to know how to best serve our community and would appreciate your feedback.  If one of these groups would be of interest to you, please take a moment and fill out this survey of interest.  It will give you the option to be contacted when a group of interest has formed and is available.

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*Be Free Indeed does not function as a professional counseling service, but a group of individuals that are sharing their journey of inner healing and freedom through Jesus Christ.  Please check out our podcast as different guests share their story of freedom.