A Letter from our Founder, Christa Kelso

Dear Friends, 

In light of the ever-increasing tragedies of suicide and the unprecedented epidemic of depression and anxiety, IT IS TIME...for BE FREE INDEED to bring the message of hope, healing and freedom to people’s brokenness.  I write with so much gratitude that God intervened and saved me and my family from the horror of suicide and its devastating ripple effect. This compels me to passionately move forward with the healing I have experienced, and reach as many hurting people as He allows.

It is time…to go more public with love, grace, clarity and focus on where true hope comes from, our Lord Jesus Christ. The message through Be Free Indeed of inner healing and freedom is real. We are already hearing so many personal stories that testify to the inner healing and life transformation that has been have found in Jesus through Be Free Indeed.  Women from our Gals Like Us group that started only a year and a half ago are walking free, stepping into Be Free & Lead and taking the hands of others to walk the road.  
It is time…to thank you whole-heartedly for all the prayer, encouragement, volunteer work and donations that have helped us get to this point.  To date we have needed very few funds. But now…It is time…to ask you and others to partner with us financially.  In order to  continue our Podcast, YouTube channel, produce videos, launch new groups and develop curriculum, we need your prayers and financial support.  No gift is too small.  Whether you’d like to give on a regular basis, a one time gift, or consider being an event sponsor, you can reach us and give online directly on our website.  
The time is NOW…for Be Free Indeed to broadcast freedom, testify to the reality of inner healing and transformed lives in Jesus, and reach those suffering before they lose all hope and become another suicide statistic.  They need freedom and we cannot bring it without you.

"So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed."  John 8:36

Gratefully Yours,

Christa Kelso


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Christa Kelso | Founder

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Denise Petrone | Teens and Young Adult Director

Connie Bragassa | Treasurer

Jeanne Swanberg | Spiritual advisor



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