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We see You. We Love You. We Are You.


We exist to bring a freedom message. We serve those who suffer, who sometimes struggle with depression and anxiety, which makes them feel lost, alone, desperate and even suicidal. But imagine if you put depression behind you. Now, don’t shut down or turn away. Instead, lean in, listen, and make a decision. Freedom can be yours. We’re different because we’ve been where you are. We know your pain. We’re honest, caring committed and free. We believe we must care about your heart, fight for you with a warrior spirit and hold on to the hope for freedom. When we do, we promise that you can be free indeed.



Be Free Indeed provides a safe community for people to feel accepted and not judged, to be encouraged to come out of isolation, to learn about identity in Christ and the truth that depression and anxiety do not define a person.



"I knew that God had a plan but also I knew that “I” could not do it alone.  I immediately began saying “we” and asked God, “Who?”  He gave me 12 names of beautiful prayer warrior friends and I asked them to simply pray and ask what God had in mind..." | Read The Whole Story below

Christa Kelso | Founder



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Introducing the new Be Free Indeed Podcast with Christa Kelso & Andrea Lundeen

We’re so excited to launch the new podcast from Be Free Indeed where we share about why we to invite our community into hearing stories, tools, and experiences from many of the compelling folks that share our journey. 

We invite you to share this episode with others and subscribe to the podcast below.




Be Free Indeed Podcast - Episodes



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We'd love to hear from you if you have any questions or if you are interested in seeking the help you need. 


*Disclaimer: Be Free Indeed is not a licensed or certified counseling center nor offers professional counseling through our ministry. In the future, we may have proffesional resources to offer, but at this time we are simple folks creating a community of care around Mental Illness and Inner Healing.

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